My father’s a true hero.

Two consecutive days that this weather has been bothering Filipino’s day to day activity. I feel saddened by the amount of people who has lost their homes because of the flooding in the Metro and some Provinces. I salute all of the people who our out there risking their own lives to save others’. My dad is one of them. I woke up feeling very safe from the storm because I know my dad is around and he will never let anything happen to us. It was what I thought of first when I opened my eyes hearing the rain pouring so hard outside. After that, I salute him more for being worried not only of us but also the people from our area. He spent all night all day trying to relocate families that were deeply affected by the storm. You can see worry in his face and his determination to get those families out of the cold. He even went inside my room and asked if I’m okay and if I ate already. He was so focused on helping out those families that he realized he forgot to ask us, his children, is doing okay. I’m not even worried about us because he already built a place for us that is comfortable and luckily, away from possible flood. I am so proud of him. And I feel better knowing that the families affected here is in good hands.

This blog is especially dedicated to my Father. I appreciate him more today than when I was in my teenage years. It’s really true that you should listen to your parents because they know what’s best for you. I have come to that stage where I regret not listening to him, them. I spent my teenage years hating on my dad for not allowing me to do this and that. I yearned for freedom. Now, I really regret not listening to him and not obeying him at times. I am so lucky to have him as my dad. He has his imperfections but I know for a fact that all he tried and tries to do is to give us a life that we deserve. I love him more today and I will for the rest of my life.


Shrimp fried rice

Sorry for a senseless post but this is what I enjoy so bear with me 😛

I love food that’s why I easily get bored with simple food. Eating shrimp with rice just isn’t enough for me. I got time so I decided to cook fried rice with my shrimp. It’s one thing I love to do during midnight, cook fried rice. Put in anything I can find in our fridge. Fried rice is my best friend when I was still in college reviewing for an exam or finishing tons of papers.

So here goes my ingredients for this Fried rice

Shrimp fried rice ingredients

Well, cooking fried rice is pretty basic. I added a video though (just because it’s fun!!).

It’s quite hard to take a vid while cooking… haha

Dreams do come true.

It’s more than 2 weeks after I learned that I was accepted in an airline company as a flight attendant, or for them cabin crew. I was numb at first. I didn’t know how to react!!! It was my dream job, not my dream company but it’ll do, I wasn’t expecting an acceptance because I still had my braces on, and the plan was I was going to work as an HR person first before I try my luck for a Flight Attendant position. But wth, I got the job. I went to tell the people closest to me and I felt like I was just saying it and means nothing.

It only sinked in when I started fixing my requirements. It was 2 days of hell!!! The worst part when I had to line up to get my NBI clearance in Robinsons galleria from 6:30am to around 2:30pm. I’m still thankful though that I was done with the requirements immediately.

Before I was sure of being included in the training, I had to go through several prolonging-the-agony phase. I tried to protect myself, I wasn’t gonna claim it until there is a message from the Hr that I am officially included in the training. First, I had to make sure that my dentist would already allow me to remove the braces. I was really nervous because my dentist is kinda the strict-nice doctor. I called her and she agreed. Second, I was nervous about the results of my pre-employment medical results. The company is strict about the wellness of fheir employees. There were really a lot of tests. I am a paranoid person. I was really scared that a disease would come up. Results came, I was cleared for everything else but for the xray results. Turned out that I have scoliosis. So we come to the last problem, my scoliosis. This is the first time I learned that I have this and I’m already 20 and I don’t really see obvious defects on my back that’ll tell that I have this scoliosis. The company doctor advised me to go to a orthopaedic doctor and have it checked. Fortunaltely, I was cleared fit to work. There I go, 100% sure included in the next batch of trainees.

I’m a step closer to my dream. I need to pass the training and that’s time I can tell myself that I made my dream into a reality. It’s all up to me now.

CrePes & Cream: Newport mall

I love their Crepes! I always order Mango Mania because it just feels right for my taste buds. But sometime it’s also good to have the Hazel nut banana chocolate.

20130618-172519.jpgMango Mania

My nephew ordered cookie monster.


Their branch in Newport city is, well, a bit dirty (maybe because it’s father’s day). It’s also small, getting to the claim counter is an obstacle. Below them is an activity center and during our visit Sitti was singing and we barely hear the lady calling is for our orders.

But still their crepes are awesome. :) )



Shakey’s: Newport city

For Father’s day we decided to eat at Shakey’s newport instead of some fancy restaurant because my dad just really wanted to go to the Casino. yeaah.


My family decides to go to Shakey’s always just because of the Mojos. The Mojos are really great (pig!!). Their fried chicken is accpetable.


For their pasta, well, they sort of lack saltiness for me (red and white sauce). It’s kinda dull. I had to ask for salt and Parmesan cheese (I always ask for extra cheese for my pasta and pizza) But if you’re really hungry this will do anyway you have the chicken and mojos.


Their pizza, well, you can’t compare theirs to Yellow cab, Papa johns, or even Pizza hut. It lacks on everything (this is just my opinion). It’s crunchy though, the way I like it.

For their service, the food came really fast. My sister joked that it’s like we’re in Mcdonalds because the food came only a few minutes after we were seated. Maybe because it was father’s day and anticipated the amount of customers coming. The employees were really nice. I have one comment though, I had to ask like 3 times for them to give me a Parmesan cheese. Everyone was done eating before I got to eat mine because I was waiting for the cheese. But all in all I’d give a thumbs up for the Shakey’s Newport team. :)

PAUL: Pain au chocolat

After my YakiMIX at greenbelt3, we went to SM Aura to check something. Before we decided to head home, we stopped by PAUL.


They only have a small stall in SM Aura but I think they are creating a bigger one. They only have few chairs and tables as of the moment not really suitable for a coffee date with someone or a reading date with yourself.


What I got is a Pain au chocolat which my sister recommended for me to try. Well it is crispy and the chocolate was good. I wish they would put more chocolate though. I wasn’t able to take a picture of it because uh I don’t know what has gotten in to me I was extra in to food that day. So instead I searched for it in the internet (kinda desperate? :| haha).




Okay I’m really sorry for this post. I wasn’t able to take many pictures cause I was really hungry. I cam from my graduation and the program really starved me.


They operating hrs is from 11:00AM to 2:00PM. Price per adult head is P660 (We went on a saturday). The food is really great, especially for a really hungry tummy. Some of the food are raw and the fun part is you get to cook. The pan is placed in the middle of the table. The service is, well, it’s self-service. The employees are attentive when you need them. They have a lot of employees so I don’t see any reason for them to fail at this part.

At every buffet I never ever skip eating Ice cream. I love love ice cream!!

(The only decent food picture I got :p )

I would recommend this yakiMIX for future buffet adventures.